Julia Gillard promised: "There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead

Kevin Rudd promised: There will no carbon tax under a Labor government.

They broke the promise once and they broke it again a second time under Shorten.
Please buy our Labor lied bumper stickers.

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Thursday, October 11, 2018


Have you noticed? Shorten is sitting smug thinking he will be the next PM.
No really!

Check out his arrogance. Well I suppose you would be too knowing you had the unions sitting on a multi million dollar war chest ready to campaign for you across all media. Mind you that's not all. He knows Getup is building its reserves to help him by targeting conservative MP held seats like that of Peter Dutton. Check out google to get an idea of this campaign.
Yeah Shorten thinks he has it in the bag.

WELL that depends.
How serious are you all to get the government that we deserve and need at this point in time?
We don't deserve or need a union led government. That's for sure. Remember last time?
We don't deserve or need a government supporting every brain dead Getup cause!

So what do we do?


Getup has been collecting donations to put manpower on the ground especially in Peter Dutton's seat. They did the same in Tony Abbott's seat to try and unseat him. They will do it again.

SO HELP ME protect our conservative voices.
I already do what I can behind the scenes. I lobby MPs, target ...I mean contact journalist who print the Labor line without question. My favourite at the moment is PVO. 

I need to organise more man power. I don't have the finances.
Help me help all of us.
Every bit counts.
The target is $8000.
An election is coming up. We CONSERVATIVES will be hit from all sides.

You will note a DONATE BUTTON on the right hand side of this blog. Please offer what you can. As I said before every bit counts.

Saturday, October 18, 2014


SO MUCH FOR FREE SPEECH. Pretty ridiculous when I was only reporting a news item. That's right. an event that took place in Western Australia.

This is the link to news item.

Here is the article reproduced in full. If you could just post this link on twitter and your Facebook pages then we guarantee that free speech is alive and well. No matter how much the lefty guerrillas want to kill it off because anything that is not their point of view must die, we will continue to exercise our rights.

A PEACEFUL anti-Islamophobia rally in Perth has been confronted by counter-protesters, some wearing masks and waving the Australian flag.
The group of about 20 people, who denied they were members of the far-right Australian Defence League, singled out controversial Perth Muslim preacher Junaid Thorne.
They held anti-Islamic banners and chanted “Junaid Thorne, terrorist scum”, “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie” and “this is Australia for Australians”.
Mr Thorne, a self-declared Sheik, said: “You can tell from the language these people use they are uneducated bogans.”

The 25-year-old, who has gained national attention for his lectures, said he was showing his support for a “united community”.
He would not answer questions about Islamic State terrorists and said his social media posts were just commentary, adding: “Everyone is entitled to their opinion.”
Most of the counter-protesters, some of whom wore Australian flag bandannas and T-shirts emblazoned with ‘This is Australia”, refused to speak to The Sunday Times.
One of the group, Wayne White, 55, said: “We want to see Australia stay as Australia, what our forefathers fought for.
“We are just guys that are scared about the way our country is going. If they bring in Sharia Law we would be finished.”

About a dozen police officers attended the Stop Islamophobia rally, organised by Curtin Student Guild’s Miranda Wood, at Murray St Mall.
Islamic Council of WA president Rateb Jneid, who spoke at the rally, said the ADL and “Islamic-critical movement” the Q Society of Australia should be banned.
“People like them should not be allowed to do any activities. They are the ones who are making the problems in Australia,” Dr Jneid said.
Dr Jneid criticised last month’s counter-terrorism raids in the eastern states and said the Abbott Government’s stance was fuelling hate towards Australian Muslims.
“But the truth always prevails. This rally is a beacon of light telling the Government that we do not accept their vilification of Muslims,” he said.

And here's the pic from the news item:

Monday, August 25, 2014

wink wink

So we've seen those ugly 'f ' Abbott t-shirts. How about some pleasant ones?
Nothing wrong with a wink is there?
Smile, be happy and wink wink wink.

I think we should show up the hypocrisy behind the wink furor 
PROUDLY wear your's today

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Monday, July 7, 2014


Hello, thank you for dropping by. You might also like to visit our Facebook page here:             https://www.facebook.com/Election.WON.Governing.NOW
Our objective is to cut through the political spin. Help us and have a few laughs along the way.

There are a few interest groups campaigning against this government without even giving it a chance to implement it's mandate it was voted in for. 

You can keep us going by helping to meet our incidental costs like mail-outs, phone calls, printing, promotions, etc.  There's a donate button to the right. Or you can buy stickers at link above. I thank you in advance.


Monday, January 20, 2014

Help Fund our Booklet Mail Out

Hi guys. Some of you have been with me since day dot; July 2011.  Thank you for your support. I'd like to also extend a special welcome to our new supporters.

One thing is for sure, we have a common goal. We want the best for this country.
We have campaigned and really cranked it up around election time 2013. We got there.

We have formed a social network. Some of you have your own Facebook pages and I know some of you are on twitter engaging and correcting false information. Well done.
As a social media community we are of concern to certain political parties because we are as grass roots as they come. That means we are a genuine voice. I am not paid for my time or funded by anyone. I give my time freely. My motivation is to provide some balance and expose the lies.

It has been reveled that Gillard used paid social media trolls to manipulate the media mindset. My thoughts are my own.
During our activism and campaigning we have together conducted email campaigns, the return to sender carbon campaign and we have held media to account.

Time to crank it up.

We need to take our voice to the next level. Especially since paid media including the ABC, is campaigning quite obviously against this government without first granting them enough time to show their aptitude or lack of.

The Abbott hate Facebook pages are backed by money. Union and Getup funds. I suppose that is the same thing. They can afford to launch expensive campaigns.

What I have planned is a mail out campaign of a booklet. I don't want to reveal specific details of its contents just yet because Getup monitors this page and their resources enable them to produce a similar campaign within hours as has happened before.

Can you help?

It will cost to produce it and mail it out and I need to raise the funds. I have received a quote. It's not cheap. Can you contribute financially? Every bit helps. You will enable me to distribute it to relevant parties. Ideally we want to produce 1000. All those that contribute will receive a copy.
Details will be made available to those that participate. Eventually all will be revealed when we are ready to distribute. You will be asked to contribute to its contents also. Here is your chance to be heard.

You can contribute as little as $10. To complete the transaction please visit my blog site. On the top right hand corner is a Paypal link. You can choose how much you want to contribute from the drop down menu.

We mustn't let people forget that Shorten won't allow our electricity bills to decrease. He is blocking the carbon tax repeal bills. PM Abbott has a mandate and we the people voted for abolishing the carbon tax.

Thank you


P.S. We the voters gave PM Abbott a mandate and our vote needs to be respected

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Well, well, well. Australia Day is fast approaching. To celebrate some retailers have produced T-Shirts with the logo AUSTRALIA Est 1788.
This has unleashed a social media frenzy labeling the retailers racists. I don't understand this. They applied pressure and the retailers withdrew them from sale. I'm not impressed. I believe this pressure came from those that don't want us to celebrate Australia Day at all.
Australia Day celebrates our unity. As Australians, we have a lot to be thankful for. This is why I decided to print some up of my own. I am making them available to those who refuse to be cowed. Those who have pride in Australia and want to show it. For those who want to stand up to bullies and show they can't be intimidated. I don't believe celebrating Australia Day on the 26th January is anything to be ashamed of. Wear it with pride my friends.

100% cotton. Postage is included

Election WON - Governing NOW

On September 7 - 2013 the election was won by the coalition led by Tony Abbott. The Liberal National government will now get on with the job of cleaning up Labor's mess. I would like to thank all those who participated in our campaigns and who contributed in social media to get the message across. I don't speak on behalf of the government as I am not affiliated with it in any way. I am a concerned citizen just as you are and together we proved that people power generated from a genuine desire to improve our country won out.